The Museum building holds collections regarding the United Empire Loyalists and artifacts and information on the People of Essex County and their involvement in the defense of their Country in the Fenian Raids, Boer War, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Peacekeeping, Afghanistan, Black and Native Involvement .....much more

1 – Fenian Raids

The Fenians were a secret society of Irish patriots who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States. Some members of this movement tried to take Canadian territory by force, so they could exchange it with Britain for Irish independence....

2 – Boer War

The South African War (1899-1902) or the Boer War, marked Canada's first official dispatch of troops to an overseas war.

In 1899, fighting erupted between Great Britain and the self-governing Afrikaner (Boer) colonies of the South African Republic (the Transvaal) and the Orange Free State.


3 – World War 1

The First World War of 1914–1918 was the bloodiest conflict in Canadian history, taking the lives of nearly 61,000 Canadians. The great achievements of Canadian soldiers on battlefields such as Ypres, Vimy and Passchendaele, however, ignited a sense of national pride and a confidence that Canada could stand on its own, apart from the British Empire, on the world stage.

4 – World War 2

World War II is generally considered to have begun on 1 September 1939, when Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland. The United Kingdom and France subsequently declared war on Germany on 3 September. Japan, which aimed to dominate Asia and the Pacific, was at war with the Republic of China by 1937. In December 1941, Japan attacked American at Pearl Harbour which resulted in the United States declaring war against Japan.

5 – Korean War

The Korean War began 25 June 1950, when North Korean armed forces invaded South Korea. The war’s combat phase lasted until an armistice was signed 27 July 1953.

6 – Native Involvement

During the First World War, thousands of Indigenous peoples voluntarily enlisted in the Canadian military. While the exact enlistment number is unknown, it is estimated that well over 4,000 Indigenous peoples served in the Canadian forces during the conflict.

7 – Women in the Military

Women have served in the Canadian military since 1885. They were initially restricted to nursing, but over time, they have taken on a variety of non-combat and combat roles. In 2020, women represented approximately 16 percent of Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

8 – Black Involvement

Some Black soldiers saw action in the War of 1812, helping defend Upper Canada against American attacks. A number of volunteers were organized into the "Company of Coloured Men," which played an important role in the Battle of Queenston Heights.

9 – Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan (2001–14) was Canada’s longest war and its first significant combat engagement since the Korean War. After the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States, Canada joined an international coalition to destroy the al-Qaeda terrorist network and the Taliban regime that sheltered it in Afghanistan.

10 – Peacekeeping

Canada has been involved in Peacekeeping and training in many other parts of the world..